Professor Kelly Glentz Brush, Professor Barclay Tucker & Professor Harry Mueller, illustrated by Emily Benning

Mr. Robby Gilbert

Assistant Professor — 2D & 3D Animation

Robby has worked as a commercial animator for clients such as MTV, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, Broderbund, Paramount Interactive and Disney as well as other clients. In addition to his animation work, Robby has a long history of developing interactive media as well as teaching and developing game and animation curricula. He draws strongly on his experiences to teach 3D Modeling, Motion Graphics, Drawing and Animation classes here at Lyndon.

In 1994 he headed up an animation team for Paramount Interactive, creating educational software titles for Cd-Rom. After “Lenny’s Music Toons” won a Parenting Publications Award, he was hired by Broderbund Software, who were at the time publishing “Carmen San Diego,” and “Myst.” Robby served as senior animator and designer for several award-winning “LivingBooks” titles. In 1996, Robby was hired by Disney Interactive to direct and develop content for several interactive on-line properties, primarily for children. He has taught and served in leadership roles at several colleges and has continued to develop strong industry relations. In addition to teaching, Robby has illustrated several children’s books, and drew the monthly comic strip, “The Adventures of Ranger Rick” for the National Wildlife Federation from 1999-2008.

In his spare time, Robby loves to play and compose music. He is especially fond of the archetypal sounds of the banjo.

Ms. Kelly Glentz Brush

Associate Professor — Graphic Design & Book Arts

Color, color, color- color drives Professor Glentz Brush. She’s a perfect fit for teaching Color Theory, a foundations course for all Visual Arts degree programs. She also teaches a variety of design software courses and 3-D classes including Sculpture and Package Design.
Ms. Glentz Brush was recently elected to the Board of the International Graphic Arts Education Association (IGAEA). She served as Regional Vice-President of IGAEA from 2004 to 2013. In 2009, Ms. Glentz Brush presented Color Theory 101 at the IGAEA annual conference and her article, titled “PDF Portfolios: A Viable Format for Student Designers” was published in the spring 2006 Visual Communications Journal.

Prior to joining the LSC faculty in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Ms. Glentz Brush worked as a graphic designer for the American Red Cross. While living in the Midwest she also taught courses in art, textiles, and 3-D design at the University of Kansas, the Metropolitan Community Colleges, and the Kansas City Art Institute.

Dr. David M. Johnston

Associate Professor — Philosophy, Film Studies & Cinema Production

A life-long cinephile, David Johnston discovered the academic disciplines of Philosophy and of Film Studies during his first semester of college. That discovery led to a double-major in Philosophy and in Cinema, a doctoral dissertation in Philosophy that focused on film theory, and a teaching load that continues those interests. His regular course offerings include Film Analysis & Appreciation, History of Cinema, Theory of Cinema, Philosophy of Film & Television, Philosophy of Art, and Popular Culture & Philosophy.

In October of 2013, Dr. Johnston joined the Board of Directors of St. Johnsbury’s Catamount Arts, the local Community Arts Center that features two movie theaters offering a variety of acclaimed foreign-language and independent films. Catamount Arts is a satellite venue for the annual Green Mountain Film Festival presented by Focus on Film, a 30-year-old Central Vermont organization dedicated to the exhibition and appreciation of culturally, socially, and historically important films, including the work of independent filmmakers.

Dr. Johnston has presented papers on Philosophy and on Film Studies at various conferences in the U.S. and Canada and has published articles on Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead in the Popular Culture and Philosophy series from Open Court Press. His essay “Kitsch and Camp and Things that Go Bump in the Night; or Sontag and Adorno at the (Horror) Movies” appears in The Philosophy of Horror, published by the University Press of Kentucky.

Mr. Harry W. Mueller

Associate Professor — Typography, Print Production & Calligraphy

Harry was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harry began his career at Milwaukee Institute of Technology in Graphic Design and Print Production. After receiving his Associate degree he furthered his career by attending Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Graphic Design and Photography where he graduated in 2 years with an Associate and Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and Photography.

Upon graduation Harry worked and taught print technology and design in Connecticut for a period of 40 years for the Meriden/Stinehour Press in various capacities from Press Manager to CEO of the company. Harry had won various awards and merits form various museums, photographers and publishers for his design and production of fine printing and limited edition books. Harry joined the Visual Arts faculty in 2001 to share his experience and knowledge to his students and colleagues. His interests include Design, Calligraphy, Photography, and Book Design and resides in Orleans, Vermont.

Dr. Philip Parisi

Assistant Professor — Web Design, Photography & Video

Dr. Parisi has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts from Hunter College in Photography and Art History. Both colleges are in New York City. His PhD. is in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN. Course instruction ranges from basic to advanced web design and development as it applies to contemporary graphic and web design. In his quest for student success Dr. Parisi continually explores cutting edge course content and innovative strategies to motivate his students. Dr. Parisi is also a committed academic advisor frequently meeting with his students to engage in academic and professional interpersonal exchanges toward student success.

Coordinating with his fellow, Visual Arts Faculty Dr. Parisi is persistent in his drive to assure our Visual Arts curricula meet entry-level employment qualifications in the graphic and web design industry. The rapid changes in technologies and their implementation add to the excitement of the design field. His other academic and personal interests include fine art photography, period mysteries, British crime television, and domestic and international travel (especially to Europe when possible).

Mr. Barclay Tucker

Professor — Illustration, Animation & Art History

Your work should be something you love, a place where you can be yourself and have fun. It needs to be something you are passionate about. Professor Barclay Tucker not only teaches this in his illustration and design classes, he demonstrates it in his professional life. Barclay currently maintains a freelance illustration and design business. He is a top selling bow tie designer (his illustrations appear on numerous bow ties for Beau Ties LTD of Vermont), he has illustrated educational books for Good Sound Publishing and HEC, and designed logos for local Vermont companies. Barclay is currently working on publishing a series of books that he has both written and illustrated.

Before teaching at Lyndon State College, Barclay worked full-time as an in-house designer and a design firm. He received his Masters of Arts in illustration from Syracuse University. Since then he has completed his MFA in illustration at the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School.

Dr. Philip Parisi, Professor Harry Mueller & Professor Kelly Glentz Brush at Commmencement

Dr. Philip Parisi, Professor Harry Mueller & Professor Kelly Glentz Brush at Commmencement

Adjunct Faculty Members

We have eight adjunct faculty members teaching in Visual Arts. These faculty are working professionals and they bring a wealth of knowledge and diverse perspectives to our students. Most faculty teach one class per semester in their area of expertise.  As submit their biographies they’ll appear here.

Bob McCann

Bob McCann began his career as a photographer making pictures for bands, the music press and record labels. Some of this work (and Bob himself) can be seen in the 2011 feature documentary Freaks In Love. After moving to Vermont in 1995 he took up stock photography, making a mix of still life images and photographs of the natural world for Photonica, ageFotostock and Getty. His personal work has been exhibited widely, most notably the exhibit Pen of Nature at Yossi Milo Gallery in NYC, which he excerpted for a Quimby Gallery show here at LSC.

In addition to a long-standing photographic engagement with the simple, ordinary moments and situations of everyday life, his artistic practice is currently centered around the manner by which light and time accumulate in photographic materials, and how evidence of this is interpreted. He makes use of a wide range of tools and materials in this pursuit: photographic papers and chemistry, roll film, view and digital cameras, video, the scanner and print on demand publishing.