The Visual Arts Department has established a strong relationship with the Vermont Technical Centers that have art programs in animation, fine arts, graphic design, illustration, and new media. High school students that are enrolled in these programs can apply for advanced placement within any of the visual arts majors. In addition, students in these programs are invited to our Annual High School Graphic Design competition.

High School Competition

Advanced Placement

The Department of Visual Arts offers opportunities for advanced placement for students enrolled in similar programs at technical centers throughout New England. Qualifying high school students may be able to receive up to 15 credits toward their Visual Arts degree at Lyndon State College. Interested students submit a portfolio of work to be evaluated by a review board.

Download the Application for Advanced Placement

High School Design Competition

For over a decade Lyndon State College has hosted the High School Design Competition. Students in technical centers from around the state are invited to Lyndon State College for a day. They are placed in groups with students from other schools and are challenged to design a poster in one day. Students can bring thumbnails for the poster, original photography, and original artwork for the posters. Lunch is provided. All poster designs will be exhibited in the Quimby Gallery. Lyndon students judge the posters. A scholarship for Lyndon State College is awarded to the first place recipient!